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Team Saturday!

The 2nd December signified the start of TEAM Saturdays! This event will be held once a month and is a team workout with three parts. There are 4 teams of 4.

Section 1

This section consisted of a 12 minute conditioning piece. 3 minutes on each bit of cardiovascular equipment. This really tested everyone's aerobic endurance. The aim was to accumulate as many calories within your team.

Section 2

This section was all about deadlifts. 1RM per team member added together.

A lot of members smashed a PB at this event! It's a great way to showcase your talent and hard work in the gym.

Section 3

Section 3 was a combination of running and synchro dumbbell work, testing the teams co-ordination and communication.

This team event is such a good place for you to be able to push yourself to achieve a new PB. The energy and encouragement in the gym massively motivated people to lift that little bit heavier!

This is also a great social event to attend, meet new people and grow as an individual.

Team Saturdays are a great gateway to give you the hunger for other competitions such as Hyrox, Turf games and National Fitness Games. Everyone has an inner athlete and should be able to enjoy healthy competition without fear.


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