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The 30th of December marked the second of many TEAM events here at RYANFITHUB.

4 teams of 4 going head to head, testing their strength, teamwork and stamina.

As coaches we saw new PB's and everyone's competitive sides really shining through.

This TEAM event was slightly different to the previous month, with just 2 sections.

Section 1:

200 Walls Balls

200 Burpees

200 Plate GTOH

200 Push Ups

200 Bike Erg Cals

The number of reps were overall for each team. The only rule was it had to be an even split so each member would perform 50 reps each. Each team had a slightly different tactic. Some were doing 10 reps intervals whereas some were doing 15 or 20. In terms of scoring, there was a 30 minute time cap and once 30 mins hit, we took the calories completed as the teams score. This was a really high adrenaline rush for the end of section 1.

Section 2:

3RM Back Squat with a 15 minute time cap

This section really tested the members strength and determination. Each person would work up to their 3 rep max. Their top lifts were all added together and this was the teams score.

A lot of PB's were achieved in this station and everyone was so motivational and supportive.

If you'd like to take part in the next event, keep your eyes peeled on the booking system as it gets booked up fast! There's nothing better than feeling part of a team.

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