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Why You Might Hate The Gym

It's not often people don't like exercise because it's 'too hard'. Here are four reasons why you might not enjoy the gym and how to fix that problem;


Bad Experiences

Bad experiences exercising doesn't just tend to be 'it's hard' as we know that right?

The actual physical element of struggle we signed up for, but not the following:

There is usually more to it, here are some experiences we've come across with members joining from commercial gyms or other programs in the past, we'll explain how we've eliminated this from our gym/coaching too.

Too Intimidating

Intimidation - this is huge one and we fully understand. You've been told everywhere on social media to start lifting weights which is great! You then head to the weight section all pumped up to see 10 blokes built like brick-****houses shouting & throwing double your bodyweight around on a bench press.

It's super intimidating and although there is nothing wrong with people lifting heavy, it can make you feel weak, judged, embarrassed and generally quite low. We've all been there, at the Hub our environment caters for beginners so you can feel inspired & motivated by others around you offering friendly support, advice & correct coaching.

Under Fuelled

Under-fuelled - If you've been in the gym previously under a strict diet, and only ever experienced exercise in a calorie deficit, this will most likely mean you're exhausted and never really noticed any gains in performance. It is possible to manage energy throughout a fat-loss phase and still focus on the way you feel, not just a lifeless corpse on 1,000kcal a day.

Our coaching here is actually set up AROUND performance, not just weight-loss. Meaning not only are you losing 'x', but you're striving to create a stronger, healthier foundation. This will give you a lot better experience with training & feeling the benefits.

Lack Of Knowledge

Lack of knowledge - NOT lack of confidence. You can be a confident person and still feel unconfident in a gym environment, this isn't down to your identity. It's most likely down to you having a lack of knowledge, if you don't know how to perform an exercise properly, you won't be keen to stack the weight on and perform it in-front of others. Our coaches can give a briefing on a workout or explain a lift in-front of large groups, but if you get us talking about something we don't know about... we'd be a nervous wreck... what's the difference?

This is why we like to make sure people understand what they're doing here with coaches working on-hand every session, we've had people pick up more terminology and knowledge in a week's here compared to years of their training experience!


Once you address why it is you have never really enjoyed the gym or exercising, you can see it's not 'laziness' but mostly how your environment is impacting your performance.

If any of these points you can relate to, and you feel they're really holding you back from what you want to achieve then pass us a message, we can show you around our facility or have a call... Maybe that will give you a different insight.

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