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RyanFitHQ - The Opening

RyanFitHub are celebrating after the official launch of our new fitness facility. The gym first opened amidst the pandemic and has gone from strength to strength (quite literally). The opening of the second unit means that the gym can continue to expand its unique group PT system which caters for all abilities.

We invited Littlehampton Councillor, Mike Northeast to officially open its brand new fitness facility on Easter Monday. Mike Northeast who is Councillor for Wickbourne Ward was joined by the coaching team and many gym members who were all very excited about the gym's expansion.

The new building will mean we can run double peak sessions and the ability to welcome many, many more members. The unit was previously used by a local print company and required a complete refurbishment. Much of the work was completed by the owner Matt Ryan, who is the first to admit that he’s no DIY expert, he says of the refurbishment: “We had a tight turnaround to get the building ready for opening this month. It was a team effort getting everything finished, we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished”.

We managed to document the whole journey over a 3 part mini series of how the build took place, you can find these below:




Owner Matt explains why he chose now to expand: “It was now or never. I am always looking for ways to evolve the gym whether it’s new classes, equipment, events, and extra coaches. You need to respond to member demand, and the high demand was resulting in class and member waiting lists. We find that most members who sign up, do so because the gym was recommended by a friend.

The new facility means that we can build on upon we have, without diminishing our high standards. Happy members mean long-term members. Over the time our clients are with us, they build the skills and knowledge to maintain their results for life.” The personal training team which features an equal split of male and female coaches prides itself on its friendly atmosphere, and environment where members get supervision and support throughout every session.

The expansion of the gym builds upon Matt's jubilation, having recently discovered that he has been noinated for a local coaching award. If you want to learn more about RyanFitHub you can do so online, visit:

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