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The RyanFitHub Games Summary

Saturday 6th May we run our first RyanFitHub games and this is how it went down!

We decided to run a free in-house event for our lovely members to celebrate how far they have come in ability, confidence & as a community. It was a pretty bleak day but everyone brought their smiles and made the most of what we could, which ended up being an incredible day.

A great thing about these larger events is it brings members together who haven't had the chance yet to meet.

Workout 1 - "To Me, To You"

The guys & girls were challenged with a 16:00 building complex consisting of a clean, hang clean & split jerk whilst the scaled completed a 1rm deadlift, each pair completed a set in turns and combined their weight for the overall score. The atmosphere was electric for this event with everyone cheering the whole workout, several PB's were hit and the bar was set high.

Workout 2 - "Gas Tank"

Gas tank was a lactic nightmare, 12:00 rolling clock with 4 separate AMRAP's consisting of max calorie bike-erg, rower & assault bike whilst the partner run a lap of Five Stones to tag each other. It became increasingly hard to maintain pace whilst legs were blown up from the CV equipment, but a strangely enjoyable struggle in the pouring rain cooling everybody down. The scoring was max calories between all CV equipment x number of laps each.

Workout 3 - "In Sync"

In sync was more of a skill based workout including some gymnastics & synchro weighted movements for time. The logistics of this were put to the test with a busy gym but we made it through in the end! Each pair made centre stage by staggering the start times and worked their way through in impressive pace.


The first fundraiser began for MenWalkTalk, a local charity supporting men's mental health. Sophie, one of our members had made a batch of cakes & treats with all the money going to the charity, these also made a bloody good post workout snack too!


We were so impressed with the judges who made a great effort and kept the standard throughout the workouts keeping the event as fair as possible. It was amazing to see them organise their pair, guiding them through each workout.


IT WAS AMAZING. So proud of the turnout and members who gave it their all, there were a few hurdles thrown beforehand with the weather, drop outs & equipment logistics but we pulled through thanks to everybody who helped out. On to the next which will be over the summer.... bigger & better!


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