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Discipline vs Enthusiasm

Learn the difference between the two and why slogging away isn't always the answer...

A really tough one to balance!

Discipline is crucial right? You need to be able to do the 'thing' when you don't want to do it, just as well as when you do want to. Discipline is ultimately remembering why you started, we've all had bursts of motivation but once that wears off you need to turn up regardless to get the results you want.


I would argue enthusiasm is also very important, the enjoyment you get out of doing it gives intent, passion and improves mental wellbeing.

The problem is, when you do something over and over that you particularly don't enjoy... A few things will eventually suffer. It could be your performance or your mental health.

A training example of how less training days whilst enjoying your training more, can actually be more beneficial.

Training 6 days a week with low enthusiasm:

- Low performance levels (not pushing hard or progressing)

- Poor mood (dreading workouts)

- Potentially poor recovery

Training 4 days a week with high enthusiasm:

- Higher performance levels (enjoying the process, pushing harder)

- Good mood (feeling positive & anticipating good workouts)

- Great recovery (lots of recovery time)

This is not to say you shouldn't train that frequently, it's purely an example of how not enjoying your training can affect results.

If this is you, add something you enjoy doing to improve enthusiasm. Potentially change your training for the time being or implement a de-load period.

If you found this useful, let us know!

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