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4 Stone Weight Loss In 16 Weeks!

Shelby started working with Matt around 4 months ago and stayed consistent, trusting the process. This enabled her to smash her goals of losing 4 stone in just 16 weeks. She was able to get married in her dream dress and is now happy as ever with her life changing weight loss journey.

Shelby put a lot of hard work and determination into her goals. She was on a regimented, yet flexible plan that fit around her work whilst still putting the hours in to achieve her goals. (Shelby was counting her calories whilst working within a calorie deficit).

Shelby's plan was designed to work for her personally and tailored with the aim to achieve her goals.

Everyone has a different reason why they exercise. Shelby's reason why was to be able to fit into her dream wedding dress which for her was a huge achievement; to be able to look and feel great on her wedding day was a priceless achievement. This goal was a massive confidence boost and is a really inspiring story.

If you're reading this and have goal you want to hit, click the link in my bio and get in touch or visit our website, never forget everyone's goals will look different but are equally worthy.

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