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How Exercise Is Transferable To Everyday Life

Have you ever wondered how training at RyanFitHub gives you an advantage at normal tasks? Here's how:

This isn't ground-breaking news and you'll see athletes perform drills which may look obscure but transfer well in their chosen sport for improved performance.

The great thing about our programming, there will be transferable movements which actually serve you better for daily tasks. Eg. Deadlifting, when you pick up something off the floor, you'll most likely (subconsciously) pick the object up with a straight back and tight core to protect your back.

The amount of injuries I've heard of from people doing their back in picking up a pen or sweeping is unreal! But it really shows, these exercises can reduce risk of injury for the most of us.

A carry movement is also excellent to improve overall core strength and stabilisation of the trunk, perfect when carrying the shopping in (lads when shopping with the missus).

Building a physique making you harder to kill is a pretty cool thing, we don't often think of these benefits outside of the gym walls but have a think about what movements you do and how they help you day to day.

Personally, I find myself snatching my golf clubs when putting them in the car.

(I'm joking)

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