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Exercise & Community, the perfect weapons for combatting male suicide

Suicide is the single biggest killer for men under the age of 45 and that is a frightening statistic. Suicide is a hugely sensitive, complex issue with a tangled multitude of causes, but it’s believed that the disproportionate fatality rate in men is attributed to entrenched attitudes of ‘boys don’t cry’. The misconception that is somehow unacceptable for men to share or demonstrate their feelings exacerbates the problem and something that schools and mental health charities are trying to eradicate. Men are less likely to admit when they feel vulnerable, get help and talk about their problems. But this is something that charities such as Men Walk Talk are tackling, and with the goals and ethos the charity, resonating so closely with our own we had to get involved. Over 16 days of calories burned in a single day!

We decided that there was no better time or opportunity that Mental Health Awareness Week to embark on a tough challenge that would bring our community of fitness enthusiasts together and create awareness and funds for the charity. The challenge we set was burning 30,000 calories in 9 hours. The first hour into the day we all realised what we were up against – it wasn’t going to be easy. But the members as well as their family and friends came together and absolutely smashed the challenge.

Together we raised £750 and completed 32,221 calories. All the funds raised by the event will go directly to Men Walk Talk.

The day was immense, everyone contributed what they could, whether it was 30 min sprints in the morning, or 2 hours slog in the afternoon. What was great about the day was that it got everyone talking, about the challenged, the charity, and their own mental health struggles.

Who are Men Walk Talk?

Created in 2019, Matt Pollard, the founder wanted to create a charity that actively supported men, in managing and safeguarding their mental health. The organised walks, online community and zoom sessions the charity runs, give men an outlet for vocalising their struggles and fears.

Matt Pollard, was stoked with the outcome, he said: “Fundraising efforts like this are vital to our cause as they enable us to expand our reach and make a significant impact in the lives of men. By raising funds, helps us increase awareness about the support that MenWalkTalk offers through our walks/meet-ups and non-restricted funds raised helps us promote this and in turn, encourage more men to get involved with our community.

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the number of men who suffer in silence, we want to see MenWalkTalk grow far beyond Sussex and we really appreciate the ongoing support from the team and members at RyanFitHub.”

This will undoubtedly be the first of many events and fundraisers that we run for good causes. If you want to learn more about mental health and the work of the charity, for you or anyone you love, click here:


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 27, 2023

As a volunteer with MenWalkTalk I just want to say a big thank you to Ryan Fit Hub and all it’s members, friends and families for taking part and contributing to the conversation on men’s mental health. You are all amazing 👏🏻

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