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(Metabolic Conditioning) Nobody wants to look like a Ferrari but perform like push bike, our METCON classes ensure that we're moving well and inviting stimulus to our heart and lungs. This class will be centred around moving well in a chaotic environment, burning lots of calories and having fun, sessions will also be scaled to ability.

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If your main goal is to get stronger then strength class will be for you, combining strength & hypertrophy with compound exercises & unilateral isolation movements to make for a bulletproof physique. Strength classes will consist of detailed demonstrations conducting perfect form from our specialist coaches. Each of our members will be provided a prescribed load in relation to their fitness ability.

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Hybrid is a mixed modal between strength work & metabolic conditioning, traditionally this class takes place on a Saturday. Hybrid is one of our most popular sessions due to the variety of movements! 



Foundational is our beginners class, if you're not confident or new to training then this class will be perfect! Nail the basic skill-set with similar abilities, this is a great stepping stone of you're unsure of throwing yourself into busier classes.


RyanFitHub Youth allows us to work with adolescence in the gym, there are many benefits to the development of a child's strength, resilience & performance when resistance training safely. Each of our expert coaches are always on-hand to ensure a safe, enjoyable environment. 


Ages: 8-16 

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