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My name is Matt, I am the founder & head coach of the Hub. I started my fitness journey at a very young age getting qualified as a personal trainer, since then I have worked with over 250+ people and seen some amazing transformations from my clients physically and mentally. The desire to help people is why I started this gym, creating something bigger than myself with a like-minded community and caring, quality atmosphere has been my life-long dream! My motto 'physique follows performance' ensures I help people move well, and most importantly enjoy it whilst reaping the rewards.

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Mollie is passionate about all aspects of health and fitness - believing you train to move well not just to look good. She qualified as PT in 2014 before joining the fire service in 2016. Mollie comes from a CrossFit background and has experience in a range of gym environments with a broad knowledge in different training methods. Her passion is high intensity compound functional training, performing movement patterns used in everyday life to contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle. You can’t ask your body to perform maximally without fuelling and recovering correctly and Mollie believes the key to any healthy body is made as much outside the gym environment as inside - “You can’t ask a Ferrari to perform with no petrol, in the same way it will under perform with poor maintenance”. The body is the same - if recovery sessions and fuelling are incorrect you will always be underperforming in the gym. With this in mind Mollie is also passionate about female training and fuelling the body correctly around the menstrual cycle. Every girl has wondered why they can’t run as fast or lift as heavy as they did the week before but often don’t think about their cycle and the affect this may have. Working with Mollie, you can tailor your training and nutrition around this to achieve optimal performance. Keen to improve and further her knowledge Mollie is in the process of qualifying as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

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Hello, my name is Billy, and I am a personal trainer/fitness coach for Ryanfithub. I am 23 years old and have been training myself for 6 years, so I know my way around the gym. I Have years of experience under my belt which includes training with a huge diverse range of cliental from all weight and ages. I strongly believe that training is not just about the physical side of things but also the mental which is why I love to build up a good relationship with my clients to create the best training environment possible.



RyanFitHub  is a unique experience and we are committed to helping every single member to achieve their desired goal. Whether it be for fat loss, strength training, or general fitness. Our group training classes & personal training sessions will offer a lifechanging journey to maximise your potential and help you acquire optimal health.

It is in our best interest to keep our service at a premium, that’s why our membership is capped to give you the exclusive services of our training facility.

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